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Brand New Music! Out Now! 

The day is finally here and we are pumped that we are able to finally and officially release the Modern Hard Alternative Rock album, Mud Man, featuring the radio single, Bottom Feed, along with other goodies. Mud Man is a full length collection of songs that tell the story from beginning to end of life at its lowest to a life rebuilt. This album speaks to the heart of the hurting as well as the heart of the healing. Each spoke speaks into the next, weaving a story of tragedy and triumph. Mud Man has a wide…

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An Army of Ones 

An Army of Ones: 

We honestly get as excited about the ones as we do about the one hundreds. All too often we get caught up in wanting things to happen now, that we forget about the ones; the one second, the one minute, the one step, the one person, the one dollar; but it is each of the ones that add up to the total sum of our overall goals.  Without the ones, there aren’t the 100 hundreds and more, so we are grateful for the ones. This message rang clear when we received a contribution of $1 just the…

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Check Check Check it out 

Check It out everyone!! We are excited to soon be sharing a new music video with all of you. Be the first to know, but subscribing to our YOUTUBE channel. You all are awesome!!


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