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Shine bright 

In the darkest night, it takes one Hope filled flame to burn bright and all will see the light. Let's rock this day in our light filled day!

Brand New Music! Out Now! 

The day is finally here and we are pumped that we are able to finally and officially release the Modern Hard Alternative Rock album, Mud Man, featuring the radio single, Bottom Feed, along with other goodies. Mud Man is a full length collection of songs that tell the story from beginning to end of life at its lowest to a life rebuilt. This album speaks to the heart of the hurting as well as the heart of the healing. Each spoke speaks into the next, weaving a story of tragedy and triumph. Mud Man has a wide…

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LTTM interview with Mawcore 

We are so very thankful and grateful to the fine folks at Louder than the Music for taking the time to interview us. It was time well spent and you can read it here!

You are a champion 

Good day all of you fabulous wellsprings! Let not fear rock your confidence. You are essential to this day and fortified to defeat the forces that fight against your foundation! You are a champion! Let’s rock this day! 

Let's Rock this day in a freedom filled way 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! Let's be freedom fighters! Let’s fight to bring freedom from the fear that keeps us from being filled with the Hope that is freely available to all. Let’s rock this day in a freedom filled way! 

Joy to give in your awesome way 

Good Day to all of you fantastic wellsprings! May we not feel sorrow for the moments that have passed, but, instead, joy for the moments to come! Let’s rock each moment of this day in our awesome way! 

You are the wonderful in this day 

Good Day all of you well-crafted wellsprings! You are worth more than all of the wonders of the world! Rock this day in your wonderful way! 

Hope is alive to restore 

Good Wednesday all of you well-crafted wellsprings! The memories; the effects; the scars of the past may remain with you, but Hope is alive to restore and renew in this day brand new! Rise up oh warrior and rock this day in a brand new way! 

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In the focus of the light 

Good Monday all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! In the focus of the light the darkness seems to fade from sight! May we focus on the light, live in the light, be the light! Let’s rock this day in a light filled day! 

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Hope in you is courage renewed 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! Fearless you may not feel, but Hope’s strength in you a courageous warrior is revealed.  Let’s rock this day in a hope filled way! 

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