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Proclaim Hope! 

Though the enemy may launch their fiery darts, we will raise our voices and proclaim the Hope that fills our hearts!

In these times where fear is the enemy, we must remember to fear not. The enemy will threaten us with death. But, for those who have received life eternal and rest in the shelter of the Most High, death is not a threat. In the words of our song, "Bottom Feed-Forshaw remix", "Death's chains can't hold a man free within". 

Death, where is you sting? Oh, Hades, where is your victory- 1 Cor.

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Fortitude to Prevail 

Fear not, Oh warrior. For though your strength may seem to fail and you begin to tire, Hope's victorious power fills you with the fortitude to prevail and lifts you out of the mire.

It may not feel that this is true, especially in times of so much doubt and confusion. You may be dealing with something that you are positive you won't be able to overcome. Your back is against the wall, you are in over your head and you have no reason to believe this is a battle you can win. You are right and God knows it…

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You have the Hope to stand firm! 

Good morning and day all of you wondrously crafted wellsprings! Though the waves may crash against you and the war may rage within your soul, you are well-equipped warrior being made courageous in the light of Hope and fearless knowing you are not the only one in control. Let’s rock this day!

Press forward. You can win! 

Good Morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! “Press forward Oh warrior, press into the fight. Though the darkness seems to consume you throughout the night, Hope will renew you in its life giving light”. Let’s rock this day in a Hope filled way!

Hope is with you 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings. Fear not, you are not alone. No matter what you must face, Hope has not left you on your own. Let’s rock the day in a fearless way.

You will triumph 

Good Morning and day all of you talent filled wellsprings! Even amidst the turbulence that threatens to steal joy away, Hope is bringing you the strength to be triumphant in this day.  Let’s rock this day! 

Fight for your freedom! 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! “You may not be fearless, but you will not be made useless. You will rise up from the failures that tried to win and be filled with the strength to fight for the freedom that comes from within”! Let’s rock this day in a freedom filled way! 

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You are a champion 

Good day all of you fabulous wellsprings! Let not fear rock your confidence. You are essential to this day and fortified to defeat the forces that fight against your foundation! You are a champion! Let’s rock this day! 

You are a fierce fighter 


Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! We are not a failure because we have failed and because we are down, doesn’t mean we don’t win. We need to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up, put on the armor of faith and get back into the battle again! You are a fully equipped fighter, more fierce than forces that try to fight against you. Let’s Rock this day in a freeing way!


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Let's Rock this day in a renewed way 

Good Wednesday all of you wonderful wellsprings of great worth! The world may wound you and try to weaken your resolve, but you are a warrior and your worth is being renewed and restored! Let’s rock this day in a renewed way! 

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