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You have more fight left in you 

Good Day all of you fantastic wellsprings. You may feel that you are done, because you can no longer run, but you have more fight left in you and Hope will see you through. So, run, walk or crawl, but there is a way to finish even after you fall. Let's rock this day!

Together we are triumphant 

Good Morning and day all of you highly treasured wellsprings! You may have to be carried or you may have the strength to carry, but when we all come together we are triumphant. Let's rock this day in a triumphant way! 

Power of the Light 

Today, we fight to bring mending to hearts that are broken; to bring the blind soul, new sight; to lift up the lame. Today, we fight the darkness with the power of the Light!

Hope is fighting for your victory 

Your strength may be fading and your soul may feel as though it has be dashed against the rocky crag, but you Oh Warrior can still lift your hands and raise your flag, for Hope is alive and actively fighting for your victory!    

Hope Abounds! 

Good Morning and day all of you well-crafted wellsprings! Rise up oh warrior! Hope is pouring in so you can abound and overcome the war raging within. Worry can't defeat you, today is the day you win! Let's rock this day!

You are a warrior and you can win! 

Good morning and day all of you wondrously crafted wellsprings! You are facing struggles unique to you, but that is not a bad thing. You may feel as though these struggles you are facing are things you just can't possibly win against, but in fact you can. In each breath you take in, you are being filled with a hope unseen and not always understood. Regardless of who is or isn't by your side, you do not fight alone. Hope is always actively fighting with you and for you, and together the day is yours to…

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You are well-equipped to Win 

Good morning all of you wellsprings of great worth! You are a warrior, well-equipped to win each battle within this day! Let’s rock this day knowing we can win! 

The Fight is yours to win 

Good Morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You heart may grow faint and you may feel as though you will fail, but the fight is yours to win when you let Hope prevail! Rise up oh warrior and rock this day in a Hope filled way! 

You are well-equipped to win! 

Good day all of you well-crafted wellsprings! You are a wonderful life of worth, well-equipped to win over the weight of worry! Let’s rock this day as winners! 

You are made to overcome 

Good morning and day all of you well-crafted wellsprings! Whether you run, walk, crawl or use wheels, you are still a warrior, strengthened to reach the finish line. You are made to overcome! Let’s rock this day in a forward movement way!