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Light a path to Victory 

Let's Rise up, magnificent wellsprings! We are more marvelous than the morning sun. We are made to shine our majestic purpose, bringing the light of Hope to everyone.

We may be in a place that doesn't feel so marvelous or even remotely light filled, but these are the places we can bring the most change. The human person has been created with more drive, than the forces of darkness would have us believe. If the enemy can convince us to give into the negativity, of the our surroundings, then that is one less…

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Moving up! Let's do this together! 

Moving up the charts at We are up to #13, which is awesome. We are so grateful to the team of for their wonderful support. We are also very thankful to each of you who have requested this song on and all the other amazing radio shows that play Mawcore music. We want to encourage you to keep requesting our newest single-"Breath". You are definitely the biggest key in this single reaching the masses. The more this song gets requested, the more it will get…

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Official Release and it Includes You 

Official Release: We have officially released our crowdfunding campaign.This is where you all come in, because we most definitely can't do this without any of you! We have some awesome opportunities ahead and this will definitely open up so many new doors for us. We hope you will come beside us, at what ever level you can, and help us light this world with hope driven fearless rock! Whether it's sharing or contributing, you play an awesome role in all of this! 

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Give Life Today and Everyday 

Good Tuesday all of you treasured wellsprings! It’s not how fast we reach the top, instead about all the lives we cared for at each stop. Let’s rock this day giving hope in a life caring way! 

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May the morning's music full your journey! 

Good Monday all of you rocking masterpieces! May the music of the morning fill your day in a marvelous way! You are magnificent life of purpose! Let’s #rocktheday

The Crashing of the Waves produces beauty 

The Crashing of the waves produces beauty.

If it wasn't for the constant turning of the ocean and crashing of the mighty waves there wouldn't be a beach for so many people to enjoy. We look at the shoreline and very seldom do we consider the constant struggle it took to create the shoreline, we admire.

So often, we look at others, who seem to have it all together, or have a beauty we feel we lack, and instantly assume it came easily. We find ourselves saying things like, why can't that be me, but we…

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Let Your Spirit Soar 

You are totally awesome! May you use each moment you have to share your talents and gifts with this world. May the troubles and turmoil of the day be unable to steal your joy away!

Set the pace to win the race! 

Good Wednesday all of you wonderful rockers! You are fully equipped to win the race that is laid before you. You are called to a higher calling than this world truly offers. Keep pressing forward and aim high.

Beware of the Clone 

So, you say you are unique and you believe in individuality, but you don't feel right when you can't blend in? You want to be a trendsetter, so you go shopping at the trendy stores...along with all the other trendsetters? We are becoming a part of the cloning process. Society is pushing on us the fear of being unique. Sure, we hear people say we need to let people be unique, but the moment they are not uniquely the way society wants them, now they are just weird? We need to beware of the clone.  In the…

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