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You will be victorious 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! Fear may rush in and you may want to run, but Hope is pouring out its strength into you, filling you with the courage to rise and fight against that which steals your joy, making you the victorious one! Let’s rock this day in a victorious way!

Rocking the day in your splendid way! 

Good Saturday all of you spectacular wellsprings! You are a superb source in which Hope can dwell and shine through! Whether you sparkle or shine brightly, may you rock the day in a splendid way!

Let's Rock it all! 

Good Tuesday all of you rocking talents! You are more tenacious than the troubles that face you! While you may feel crushed by the burdens of the day, you are stronger than you believe or even can see. There is a strength even greater than you own that is available with an endless supply. Even when we don't want to see it, believe it, or even receive it; it is still working on our behalf to bring us through it all. Let's embrace this strength. Let’s transform this day in a life giving way! Let’s rock this…

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We are Warriors of Courage 

Good New day each of you wellsprings of hope! We are warriors of courage in a world flooded by fear! Let us rise up and rock this day with life giving sounds for all to hear!


Hope is at the center of it all! 

Today is a new day, but it may feel as though nothing has changed. It may feel as though our world continues to spiral out of control and there is nothing we can do about it. We may feel like everything we do just brings us closer to the crushing, impending doom we sense is about to happen; or has already happened. Alas, we breath and life still flows into our lungs. While the air may seem thinner than before, we are still bringing life into our lungs. So what does this mean? What does our new day of…

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We are not alone 

We do not battle alone. Saying that can seem a little bold and to some it can seem insensitive to the individual emotions of those who truly feel alone. We all have moments, even longer periods of time, of loneliness that can all but cripple us and render us useless, but we have to somehow remember that it is a feeling. The mind and heart can really work against us, because of all the influences around us or even the lack of influences around us. While we may feel like we are in a place of total loneliness…

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Updates-Life, Craziness and music 

So, we released the newest CD; "Pride Falls Away", which is part of a 3 total releases. We have been fortunate to do a few radio show interviews, in support of the new release, as well as more upcoming interviews. The CD has been supported by many of you and that has been awesome. It really is the support of those who choose to journey with us; by purchasing our music and merchandise, donating and spreading the word to all your friends; that helps us keep going forward. We are so very grateful for all who…Read more

The takeover is happening tonight 

Tonight 5-13-17 at 9PM, the takeover will begin.
We will be taking over the Bread N Jam Radio show, on REV FM 89.1, at 9PM. If you are in and around State College, tune in at 9PM for all the Mawcore-ness. Check out Bread N Jam here and then tune in:

Each moment builds Value 

These moments we experience are so often rapidly fleeting and more often than not they are missed, but they are each key to our overall journey. Each moment, big or small, is precious and priceless in building the total value of our life's journey. May we learn to take the good with the bad, the small with the large, the courageous with the fearful, the hopeful with the hopeless and the life with the death, as we build a life full of worth.