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Rock your Noise 

Good Morning and day all you good little girls and boys. You are an awesome wellspring of treasure. It's time to rock this day with your Hope filled joyful noise!

Rock and Roll in your unique way! 

You are awesome! Rock and roll this day in your uniquely awesome way!


Rock the day in a monumental way 

Good Monday you magnificent wellsprings of great meaning! You are meant for greatness, regardless of your level of fame. You can have a marvelous and positive impact to all who know your name! Let’s rock the day in our own monumental way!

Rocking the day in your splendid way! 

Good Saturday all of you spectacular wellsprings! You are a superb source in which Hope can dwell and shine through! Whether you sparkle or shine brightly, may you rock the day in a splendid way!

Rock Your Age 

Age is definitely number and of course the body continues to grow older, but our heart and soul can still rock and roll. No matter what age we are, we are still able to bring hope to our little world in a rocking way. Once a rocker, always a rocker....even if it isn't actually rock music.