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Fortitude to Prevail 

Fear not, Oh warrior. For though your strength may seem to fail and you begin to tire, Hope's victorious power fills you with the fortitude to prevail and lifts you out of the mire.

It may not feel that this is true, especially in times of so much doubt and confusion. You may be dealing with something that you are positive you won't be able to overcome. Your back is against the wall, you are in over your head and you have no reason to believe this is a battle you can win. You are right and God knows it…

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Lift your Voice 

Good Morning and day all of you wellsprings of great treasure. Lift your voice for those who are weak, for those who are strong.Lift your voice and sing of Hope's life giving, heart changing song! Let's rock this day in a Hope giving way!

Rock your Noise 

Good Morning and day all you good little girls and boys. You are an awesome wellspring of treasure. It's time to rock this day with your Hope filled joyful noise!

You are the marvelous one! 

Good Day all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings. In the adorning of the sun, you are the most marvelous one; a source which Hope flows through to shine on everyone. Let’s rock this day in our marvelous way!

You are magnificent  

You are a magnificent life of meaning! May the light of Hope fill your soul, renewing you with the strength to share your beauty with everyone you know!

"Never Lose Infinite Hope" 

"We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope."-MLK

This is a day we remember a man who would rather remember what He was struggling to convey. He was filled with finite disappointment each and everyday, but He was serving an infinite purpose and calling. He was filled with hope that one person; in the pursuit of a higher calling; could achieve things much greater than ever imagined. He was positive that either he or someone he influenced was going to be a world changer! He knew a life…

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You're awesomeness will rock this day 

Good morning and day all of you masterfully-made wellsprings! You are a majestic life, loved in a massive way and meant to have your awesomeness shine even in moments of dismay. Let’s rock this day! 

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You are worth the fight 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are not a failure, you are not a mistake, you may feel broken, but you are treasured by the kingdom and you, the king does not desire to forsake. You are worth the fight.

You are loved 

Good Day to all of you spectacular wellsprings! When we are loved supremely, we can love supremely. May we know this love and rock this day in a supreme way!