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Rock with reason 

Good Morning and day all of you treasured wellsprings! Today is the day to rock this season with a Hope filled reason! 
#christmas #santa #rocks

Rock your Noise 

Good Morning and day all you good little girls and boys. You are an awesome wellspring of treasure. It's time to rock this day with your Hope filled joyful noise!

Joy to give in your awesome way 

Good Day to all of you fantastic wellsprings! May we not feel sorrow for the moments that have passed, but, instead, joy for the moments to come! Let’s rock each moment of this day in our awesome way! 

Amazed by all the awesomeness 

A little over a week ago, we released the video of our version of the Beatles classic and we are just so blessed with everyone who has watched it so far! We have received some amazing feedback and all we can say is Thank you so much for all of your generous feedback and kind words! Here are some of those comments below! 
Remember, if you haven’t had your chance to see it, then don’t delay, see it today

“A brilliant video, the thought into that is excellent. Your song is superb.Love this” 
“Really good…

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Joy in the mundane 

Good Monday all of you magnificent wellsprings! The mundane of the day cannot steal your joy away. You are the marvelous in each moment! Let’s rock the day in joy-filled way! 

#rocktheday #magnificent #marvelous #wellsprings #Monday #motivation #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission