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You are worth the fight 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are not a failure, you are not a mistake, you may feel broken, but you are treasured by the kingdom and you, the king does not desire to forsake. You are worth the fight.

You are loved 

Good Day to all of you spectacular wellsprings! When we are loved supremely, we can love supremely. May we know this love and rock this day in a supreme way! 

You are loved divinely 

Good Morning and day all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings!  May the mirror’s reflection not be all that you see, for you are a magnificent creation, loved divinely! 

May you rock your world with Love 

Good Saturday all of you splendid wellsprings! You may not possess super power, but your choice to love will rescue the hearts of the hurting in their desperate hours. Let’s rock the day in our super way! 

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Grateful for all of you! 

Without each of you, our fans/supporters/friends/family, we are just another band. We are grateful for each of you who have helped us get this far! While we still have a long way to go and we want to continue to grow and move forward, our motion forward is dependant on each precious person willing to support us however they can. The most obvious way to move us forward is make our music your own. Remember, while we love playing the music, it completes the purpose of the music when it finds its way into your…

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Let's Rock the day in a love filled way! 

Happy First Tuesday of the New Year, all of you wellsprings of great treasure! When love triumphs we all win! Let’s #rocktheday in a way that love rules through our life’s display.