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"Never Lose Infinite Hope" 

"We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope."-MLK

This is a day we remember a man who would rather remember what He was struggling to convey. He was filled with finite disappointment each and everyday, but He was serving an infinite purpose and calling. He was filled with hope that one person; in the pursuit of a higher calling; could achieve things much greater than ever imagined. He was positive that either he or someone he influenced was going to be a world changer! He knew a life…

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You are loved 

Good Day to all of you spectacular wellsprings! When we are loved supremely, we can love supremely. May we know this love and rock this day in a supreme way! 

May you rock your world with Love 

Good Saturday all of you splendid wellsprings! You may not possess super power, but your choice to love will rescue the hearts of the hurting in their desperate hours. Let’s rock the day in our super way! 

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Love is triumphant 

Good Tuesday all of you greatly treasured wellsprings! A heart that gives love away triumphs over the darkness of the day! Let’s rock this day in a triumphant way! 

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