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Hope is always here 

Good day you fabulous Wellsprings! In the midst of overwhelming fear, the ferocious light of Hope is always here.

No matter what is going on, in your life, or surrounding your life, you are not alone. Yes, things may be tough and the darkness may seem to be overwhelming, but is just takes one spark to change the situation. The most awesome thing is that the light of Hope is far more ferocious and bright than just a spark. 

On the day that Jesus was crucified, the disciples were surrounded with darkness…

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Together, we spread the Light of Hope! 

The present we will embrace, as the future we face, coming together to stand to spread Hope across this fear ridden land! 

Now, more than ever, we need to unite. Yes, the distance may make it feel impossible to accomplish, but it really isn't. Just like negativity and conspiracies spread like wildfire throughout our social media, news sources and internet, Hope can also spread. In fact, Hope can spread far more rapidly than all the negativity, but we must unite to spread it. We must make a conscious…

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"Never Lose Infinite Hope" 

"We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope."-MLK

This is a day we remember a man who would rather remember what He was struggling to convey. He was filled with finite disappointment each and everyday, but He was serving an infinite purpose and calling. He was filled with hope that one person; in the pursuit of a higher calling; could achieve things much greater than ever imagined. He was positive that either he or someone he influenced was going to be a world changer! He knew a life…

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In the light we are fearless 

Good Thursday all of you wellsprings of great talent! When we live in the light of hope, we do not have to fear the darkness! Let’s rock this day in a light filled way! 

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The Greatest Treasure is you 

Good Tuesday all of you wellsprings of great talent! The greatest treasure in this world is you! Let’s rock this day in a truly treasured way! 

#rocktheday #rockthisday #treasured #talented #wellsprings #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission #rockwithpurpose

Shine forth your significance! 

Good Saturday all of you splendid wellsprings! You are the significance to this day! May you shine forth the spectacular light pouring into your soul for all the world to know. Let’s Rock the day in a spectacular way! 

#rocktheday #splendid #wellsprings #spectacular #significance #Saturday #motivation #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission

Let's Rock the day in our strategically placed way! 

Good Saturday each of you skillfully crafted wellsprings! May you clearly see that you are a strategic to your surroundings! Let’s rock this day steadfastly striving against the storms of negativity that seek to cloud out the sunrays of hope that will never be defeated! 

#strategic #wellsprings #rocktheday #steadfast #rockmusic #mawcore #rocknroll #onamission #Saturday #motivation

Hope Exists! 

Good Wednesday all of you wonderful wellsprings! Yes, there may be struggle, pain, loss, fear, sickness and worry but we pray that you know Hope is still here! It doesn't exist because you believe in it. It exists because Hope believes in you and you need it. Let's #rocktheday in a hope filled way!

Even in the Dark Night! 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! The fear may be more than you feel you can handle, but even the night is afraid of a tiny lit candle. A little light can go a long way in a dark night. You don't have to be a huge fog lamp or a large spot light, you just need to be willing to shine. You may feel as though all glimmer of light has left your day, but it hasn't. Even a darkened mirror can reflect light. So if your life feels like it has been darkened, if you feel like your reflection has gone dime…

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