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You make this Thanksgiving awesome 

Good Morning and day all of you wellsprings of great treasure. We hope you have a rocking great thanksgiving rocking your awesomeness! 


You are super awesome! 

Good Day all of you spectacular wellsprings! You are a significant life of super awesomeness! Let's rock this day in our super awesome way!

Rock the hall, Rock it all 

Good Morning and day all of you talent filled wellsprings! You have been created with awesome gifts to enhance the world around you. Let's rock the morning, the day, the hall; let's rock it all.

You can still rock the day 

Good Morning and day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! All too often this happens in the world of music. So many times, many things just don't go as planned and hardly ever do they go as we saw it in our minds, but we push through and rock it out. Remember, when things don't go as planned and you end up with a comically small version of your vision, you can still rock it out! Whether big or small, you are able to use it to bring hope to all! Let's rock this day!

Press towards the mark 

Good Morning all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! You have a calling that is greater than the struggle. Press towards the mark, even though you grow weary, Hope is pouring its renewing strength so you can move forward, for you are made for the magnificent. Let’s rock this day in a strength filled way!

You are extraordinary 

Good morning and day all of you greatly treasured wellsprings! You are made for the extraordinary! Let's rock this day in the pursuit of our grande design!

You are the miracle 

Good morning and day all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! You are a magnificent life, purposed in a miraculous way! If you are searching for miracles they are as close as you. You may not see it clearly, but your entire being beats to the miracle of who you are! In each breath, in each movement, you are the most amazing miracle you will ever find. You are made for these moments, you are made for this day! Let’s rock this day in a miraculous way! 


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Rock this day renewed 

Good Wednesday all of you wondrous wellsprings! The day is new and life is too. May you rock this day with each moment of life renewed! 

#rocktheday #rockthisday #wondrous #wellsprings #newday #newlife #momentsrenewed #Wednesday #motivation #mawcore #mawcoremusic #rockmusic #onamission #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose


Shine forth your significance! 

Good Saturday all of you splendid wellsprings! You are the significance to this day! May you shine forth the spectacular light pouring into your soul for all the world to know. Let’s Rock the day in a spectacular way! 

#rocktheday #splendid #wellsprings #spectacular #significance #Saturday #motivation #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission

Let's Rock the day in our strategically placed way! 

Good Saturday each of you skillfully crafted wellsprings! May you clearly see that you are a strategic to your surroundings! Let’s rock this day steadfastly striving against the storms of negativity that seek to cloud out the sunrays of hope that will never be defeated! 

#strategic #wellsprings #rocktheday #steadfast #rockmusic #mawcore #rocknroll #onamission #Saturday #motivation