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Proclaim Hope! 

Though the enemy may launch their fiery darts, we will raise our voices and proclaim the Hope that fills our hearts!

In these times where fear is the enemy, we must remember to fear not. The enemy will threaten us with death. But, for those who have received life eternal and rest in the shelter of the Most High, death is not a threat. In the words of our song, "Bottom Feed-Forshaw remix", "Death's chains can't hold a man free within". 

Death, where is you sting? Oh, Hades, where is your victory- 1 Cor.

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Lift your Voice 

Good Morning and day all of you wellsprings of great treasure. Lift your voice for those who are weak, for those who are strong.Lift your voice and sing of Hope's life giving, heart changing song! Let's rock this day in a Hope giving way!

Hope is fighting for your victory 

Your strength may be fading and your soul may feel as though it has be dashed against the rocky crag, but you Oh Warrior can still lift your hands and raise your flag, for Hope is alive and actively fighting for your victory!    

You have gifts worth using 

Good morning and day all of you magnificent wellsprings! Listen, Love is knocking for you are the vessel Hope is choosing. Let's get rocking knowing we have gifts worth using!

Rock because you CAN! 

Good Thursday all of you wellsprings of tremendous talent! It’s not about the could of, should of, would of, but instead about the will do, can do and going to do! Let’s rock this day, because we can! 

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Let the voice of triumph resound 

Good Thursday all of you wellsprings of great talent! The troubles may be threatening to trample you down, but you can rise up and the voice of triumph will resound! Let’s rock the day resonating triumph! 

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