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Light a path to Victory 

Let's Rise up, magnificent wellsprings! We are more marvelous than the morning sun. We are made to shine our majestic purpose, bringing the light of Hope to everyone.

We may be in a place that doesn't feel so marvelous or even remotely light filled, but these are the places we can bring the most change. The human person has been created with more drive, than the forces of darkness would have us believe. If the enemy can convince us to give into the negativity, of the our surroundings, then that is one less…

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You are a miraculous Life 

Good Morning and day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! You are a miraculous life, made with the ability to rock Hope's marvelous light in a world that feels consumed by the darkness of the night! Let's rock this day in our light filled way!

Rock your Light 

Good Morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! The darkness may put up a furious fight, but you have been formed with the strength of Hope’s brilliant light. You will overcome the night! Let’s rock this day! 

#christmas #rockmusic #motivation

Rock the day, you will! 

Good Morning and day all of you wonderfully crafted wellsprings! You are a wonderful vessel of worth through which Hope shines, lighting the world around you with love that refines. Rock this day, you will!

You have the Hope to stand firm! 

Good morning and day all of you wondrously crafted wellsprings! Though the waves may crash against you and the war may rage within your soul, you are well-equipped warrior being made courageous in the light of Hope and fearless knowing you are not the only one in control. Let’s rock this day!

Power of the Light 

Today, we fight to bring mending to hearts that are broken; to bring the blind soul, new sight; to lift up the lame. Today, we fight the darkness with the power of the Light!

In the focus of the light 

Good Monday all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! In the focus of the light the darkness seems to fade from sight! May we focus on the light, live in the light, be the light! Let’s rock this day in a light filled day! 

#rocktheday #masterfully #crafted #wellsprings #focus #light #Monday #motivation #mawcoremusic #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose

Let's rock this day in a renewed way! 

Good Saturday all of you spectacular wellsprings! In all the struggles and strife, Hope is still brightly shining into your life! Let’s rock this day in a renewed way 

#rocktheday #spectacular #wellsprings #mawcore #mawcoremusic #rockmusic #onamission #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose #Saturday #motivation


Let's Rock this day! 

Good Wednesday all of you well-crafted wellsprings! Even when all of the other lights have seemed to fade away, Hope is breathing its light into your day! Let’s rock this day with Hope’s light brightly on display! 

#rocktheday #wellcrafted #wellsprings  #givehope #Wednesday #motivation #mawcore #mawcoremusic #rocknroll #onamission #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose

You are being made strong 

Good Friday all of you fantastic Wellsprings! Your flesh may grow faint, but your spirit is being strengthened to rise up and soar with the wings as eagles. Let’s rock this day in soaring way! 

#rocktheday #fantastic #wellsprings #mawcore #Friday #motivation #rockmusic #onamisson #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose