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You can overcome the darkside 

Good Day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! Even if the darkside tries to use the force against you, you are given the strength, courage and help to overcome. Let's rock this day!

Rock the day, you will! 

Good Morning and day all of you wonderfully crafted wellsprings! You are a wonderful vessel of worth through which Hope shines, lighting the world around you with love that refines. Rock this day, you will!

Wonderful You Are 

Good Wednesday all of you well-crafted wellsprings! Your worth surpasses all measures of this world! Let’s rock this day in our wonderful way! 

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Rock the day you will 

Good #Thursday all of you #wellsprings of great #treasure! May the abundance of Hope fill your day in a tremendous way, giving you the strength to be an ambassador of life giving truth in all you say! Let’s courageously #rocktheday !

Rock the day in a monumental Star Wars Way!  

Good Monday all of you marvelous wellsprings! You are a magnificent life of meaning made for more than mediocrity. May you mount up and #rocktheday in a #monumental way!

Rock the day in a victorious way 

Happy first Wednesday of this New Year, each of you wonderful wellsprings! You are a wealth of great worth to the world that is within your reach. May you rock this day and every day knowing you are well equipped to live in a victorious way!