Amazed by all the awesomeness

A little over a week ago, we released the video of our version of the Beatles classic and we are just so blessed with everyone who has watched it so far! We have received some amazing feedback and all we can say is Thank you so much for all of your generous feedback and kind words! Here are some of those comments below! 
Remember, if you haven’t had your chance to see it, then don’t delay, see it today

“A brilliant video, the thought into that is excellent. Your song is superb.Love this” 
“Really good video and remake of the song” 
“You guys did a great job! Great talent there my friends!” 
“I’m lost for words. I have to say it’s awesome.” 
“Awesome Mawcore! Outstanding cover and video!” 
“Great Cover ! Well Done !” 
“Very Nice Music Video sure Rocks” 
“Wow! Wow! Wow! Nailed it! That is great!” 
“Terrific you guys really took ownership of this song finally got a chance to watch this in a quiet environment where I could enjoy the whole thing. It was very well made and that's got to be the best version of Eleanor Rigby I've heard since Ray Charles. It is very tough to do something with the Beatles stuff and make it sound interesting” 
“Played Elenor Rigby for my wife today; first by the Beatles, then by Mawcore. She says you guys did a fabulous job. As do I. Kudos to the band” 
“Excellent job on covering this classic tune” 
“Happily delighted” 
“Excellent performance! That video is a brilliant and beautiful interpretation of the classic song. 
Beautiful, excellent video” 
SEE IT HERE for yourself!


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