Fortitude to Prevail

Fear not, Oh warrior. For though your strength may seem to fail and you begin to tire, Hope's victorious power fills you with the fortitude to prevail and lifts you out of the mire.

It may not feel that this is true, especially in times of so much doubt and confusion. You may be dealing with something that you are positive you won't be able to overcome. Your back is against the wall, you are in over your head and you have no reason to believe this is a battle you can win. You are right and God knows it, which is why He sends us a helper; a fierce fighter able to things beyond our own power. One who will not just fight beside us, but fight for us, especially when we barely have the strength or the ability to lift our own hands. This is the Hope we have been given. We can be assured that in our lowest moments; our deepest despair; help is there. We don't have to fully understand, we just have to ask for help and let the God who loves us so, fight for us. In this knowledge and trust we will gain the fortitude to prevail. 

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