Light a path to Victory

Let's Rise up, magnificent wellsprings! We are more marvelous than the morning sun. We are made to shine our majestic purpose, bringing the light of Hope to everyone.

We may be in a place that doesn't feel so marvelous or even remotely light filled, but these are the places we can bring the most change. The human person has been created with more drive, than the forces of darkness would have us believe. If the enemy can convince us to give into the negativity, of the our surroundings, then that is one less light filled person they have to compete with. But, each of us have more strength, more courage and more perseverance than we have even began to tap into.  

As long as we have breath in our lungs, we have Hope and as long as we have Hope, we have the ability to overcome that which wants to snuff out our light. 

If you are in a place that has you overwhelmed and feeling like the darkness is prevailing, do not fear. Hold onto to that little spark of Hope and let it set your courage on fire. Soon, you will find yourself ablaze with the strength to pierce the darkness and light a path to victory.

Let's Rock this day!

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